Temperature management is the growing need since miniaturization of components, generalization of electronics and appearance of new electronically powered products. Hence, temperature effect must be considered when designing electrical/ electronic switchboards. 

 The service life of the components depends on the temperature and humidity conditions inside the enclosure. The ideal value being from +25 to +35°C and relative humidity 40-60%. 

 There are many risks if suitable thermal solutions are overlooked which can affect the service life of the components and hence performance of the facilities to the extent of causing breakdown of system.

Thermal protection is equally important as par with IP/IK ratings. Various solutions are off ered based on environmental conditions and type of components used in the panels.

It might be sufficient sometimes to oversize the enclosure, use fans or air-air ex-changers. But when ambient temperature is higher it is required to install air-water ex-changers or cooling unit. Thermal management includes systems for forced ventilation, air ex-changers, air-water ex-changers, cooling units, resistance heaters, thermal control accessories and supported by Proclaim software for calculation of units while designing.


A complete and effective solution assiilar as to IP/IK protection rating for panel cooling, heating, controlling and calculating.

  • Ventilation and Airing
  • Air Ex-changers
  • Air-water Ex-changers
  • Cooling Units
  • Heaters
  • Thermal Controllers