C & S Electric offers a wide range of Switch Dis-connectors, suitable for operation up to 750/1000V. Available in 3 Pole as well as 4 Pole, interiors as well as in enclosure, they are suitable for AC 23A utilization category and confirm to IEC 60947-3 / IS 13947-3.

Available in ratings of 63A and above, these switches are of single pole construction, enabling combination of up to 8 poles. This modular yet rugged construction, with all poles including the neutral 100% rating and reliability.

Modular arrangement also eliminates need for matching standard 3 pole switches to specific installation requirement by adding neutral pole in 3 phase 4 wire AC system or looping poles for DC system. Hence these switches are most suited and economical for any applications.

Their mounting flexibility offers numerous and matchless benefits for use in power distribution boards or for standalone mountings. They are compact enough occupying least panel space yet allowing ease of installation and rendering it safe for maintenance.

For machine tool or distribution systems which are scattered in buildings, switches up to 125A are also available in plastic enclosure, which are corrosion proof and add to the aesthetics of the installation.

These switches are ideal for breaking stalled motor current, switching highly inductive loads, capacitor banks, DC loads. They have been successfully used in almost every industry.

  • „„Main Incomer Switch
  • „„AC or DC Power Distribution System
  • „„Switching & Isolating Motors and Capacitors
  • „„Switching & Isolating Industrial Control Equipment
  • „„AC or DC Safety Switch