Copper busbar in electrical applications requires several key electrical and mechanical properties which include high electrical conductivity, good strength, good formability and surface flatness.

These key features rely greatly upon the quality of raw material and consistency of production process. Through a state-of-the-art production process specially designed for copper busbar production, OE-ETP® is cast from the highest purity copper cathode available from mines and smelters (grade “A” LME registered brand).

The purity of the raw material and the high quality production process make OE-ETP® an excellent choice for all technical and economical solutions relating to electrical applications requiring copper busbar and busduct. In addition, OE-ETP® also offers excellent thermal conductivity, and ideal where limited space is important for e.g. CPU-heatsinks.

Tin-plated copper busbar helps upgrade design and provide the best quality for switchgear, switchboards, electrical panels power transformers and busduct.

Oriental Copper produces and supplies high quality tin-plated copper busbar as per International Standards such as JIS, DIN, BS and ASTM.

  • High quality Conductivity
  • „„Excellent stability and form-ability
  • „„Very high thermal conductivity
  • „„Shorter production time
  • „„Faster delivery time 
  • „„Better cost management