Precision Electrical Company L.L.C

“We Don’t Make Customer’s, we Build Relations.”

Precision Electricals is one of the major solution providers in the switchgear industry operating from Dubai United Arab Emirates. Established in 1990 gained a strong foot hold quickly in manufacturing switchgear, that is LV panels to cater well known customers in Dubai and around.  The swift success based on quality, reliability and customer support enabled us to move in to trading of switchgear products 1993. Today we are everywhere with satisfied customers in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Precision Electricals is owned by the current director of DULSCO group Mr. Abdul Aziz Mohammed Khan Abdulla who is a prominent businessman among leading UAE National business personalities and owns or partnered with many business establishments in Dubai. Thanks to him for his long vision and support in establishing Precision Electricals and making it high success rated firm.

Managements and Staff:
Precision Electricals is managed by two experts in the Electrical Switchgear Industry.

  1. Mr. Abdul Rahim:  Electrical Engineer by qualification from a well known Regional Engineering College in India and many years of experience leads the team with growing success year by year.
  2. Mr. Kumar : With huge experience in  switchgear manufacturing,  familiarities with various regulations  and knowledge of  components Mr. Kumar leads the Technical team

Besides these Precision Electricals has empowered with aggressive Sales Team who meet demands of our customers not only in UAE, also in other GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.